Phakic lenses

Artisan® lenses are an innovative technique used in people who are not candidates for a laser procedure because of its elevated magnitude of myopia, hypermetropia and/or astigmatism.

The procedure is performed by the ophthalmologist, who placed in the eye the lens and fix it to the iris. It stays there permanently. The Artisan® lens implantation is done in people aged 18 to 60 years old who meet certain requirements.

>The lens does not offer a solution for presbyopia (reading glasses).

Types of High Technology Intraocular Lenses

  • Monofocal lens free of aberrations

    Monofocal lenses have only one focal point, usually provide a clear distance vision. Allow excellent visual quality at any time of day.

  • Toric Lens

    They has the ability to reduce or eliminate corneal astigmatism at the same time corrects cataracts, is a great option for people with high astigmatism.

  • Multifocal lens or Restore

    It allows good visual quality and allows both to see far and near; for reading is not necessary to use conventional lenses.

AcrySof Cachet lens

The AcrySof® CACHET™ lens is designed to reduce or eliminate moderate to severe myopia in adults. AcrySof CACHET phakic lens works without removing the natural crystalline lens and helping to focus the light and achieve a sharper distance vision.

As part of a procedure for vision correction known as phakic surgery, the AcrySof CACHET phakic lens is implanted in the anterior chamber of the eye. Once in position, the phakic lenses adds the focus power you need to help correct a severe myopia. It's like wearing your glasses or contact lenses all the time.